What is the i2i Logic Base Platform?

Built and refined over a number of years, the “Platform” it is a digital system of data, analytics and visualisation that provides a quantitative view of the operational and financial performance of a company and its industry. The user then interacts with the data to create and explore future states.

The Platform is accessed as a set of iPad or web based conversation modules.

What do I use it for?

The Platform is designed for FI 2 B business development and client engagement.  For advisers and bankers to run data driven exploration of ideas and opportunities with the C-suite of their corporate clients.

It is applicable to corporate clients, from small to medium enterprises through to the largest multi-nationals.

Additionally, the Platform is a great in-house tool for advisers and bankers to collaborate with their colleagues – to assess and share opportunities.

For bankers it provides a great 1st line of defence risk assessment.

And finally, it is a true learning and development tool delivering insights, information and tips to your sales force in the field and beyond the classroom.

Does it come with content?

Yes.  Detailed information on more than 32,000 companies and more than 2,500 industry / geographic profiles globally.  Plus 100’s of pages of embedded learning and development material to drive sales force effectiveness in the field.

Can I include my own content?

Of course.  The Platform allows integration of your data to provide a unique proposition to your market.

How much can I customise?

As much as you require, although, most of the work is already done – and the base Platform is highly configurable. Customisation can be little (branding and colours) or a lot (calculations, navigation, conversations, look and feel).

How do you deliver the Platform?

We typically deliver the finished product as a licenced hosted service – supported by a virtual IT environment dedicated to you for the best available security.  We can also work with you to deliver via your own network.

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